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Paul - Paul -

Paul's fascination and own experiences with the paranormal began when he was a just child, but having these encounters as an adult turned a slight interest in paranormal investigating into a passion... It was these personal experiences that led him to researching and investigating the paranormal. "The supernatural has always been on my mind since I could remember".

His interest in the paranormal peaked when he experienced some strange activity in a home he moved into.

With over 30 years of investigating and research Paul has had many highly personal paranormal experiences (some which he prefers not to discuss). Paul continues to do more than wonder about an afterlife.

Ben - Ben -

Ben is a filmmaker and skeptic. He does not believe in the paranormal but is fascinated by fear and the way the human mind works.

Of course he enjoys a good ghost story. Ben admits to feeling scared at times during an investigation or being "creeped out" by certain places, but that, like many experiences people have is totally subjective. It is not objective evidence that there is something paranormal going on.

Ben has been working with proo(f) to film their investigations and put together a web series and eventually a TV series.

Rob - Rob -

I believe in spirits, but I take on each case with skepticism. I want to rule out all options before possibly calling something paranormal. Growing up I had a few experiences with the paranormal.

A number of years ago I started doing investigations simply to try and learn more about the field and for enjoyment. This progressed to the point where I want to be able to give answers to and help clients understand what may be going on at their location.

Shane - Shane -

Shane believes that all things happen for a reason. If a spirit lingers in a location he feels there is a purpose for that. His goal is to be able to provide answers to what the client is experiencing.

A believer in the paranormal, however, you can't assume everything that goes bump in the night is a spirit. That is the challenge, and that is what makes it so fascinating and exciting!!

To get in contact with us, you can email your questions, comments, concerns, or places of interest to: info@proofcanada.com

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