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Valentia, ON

Date: July 27th,2012
Weather: Clear, Temperature 20°C / 68°F
Moon: 55.3%
Time: 7:00PM - 1:00AM
Investigators: Brad, Katie, Paul & Ben (Videographer)


In 1804, Ogetonicut, a member of the Ojibway tribe was put on trial for the murder of a fur trader John Sharpe. Ogetonicut was revenging the murder of his brother in the villiage of Valentia. Before Ogetonicut could face the judge for his crimes, the HMS Speedy, which was carrying the prisoner, members of the courts, lawyers and witnesses, went down off Presqu’ile Point. The death of Ogetonicut did not occur on this property, but the death of Ogetonicut’s brother, Whistling Duck, did occur at a trading post that was located on this property in the 1800’s.

In the mid 1800’s, a women returned from a walk to find her house on fire. She watched her house burn to rubble as her husband and son were inside. She is now thought to roam the fields with a lantern looking for her family.

There have also been reports of many odd deaths and suicides either on this farm or on surrounding properties. The former owner of this property did commit suicide on the property.

Reported Activity

What brought proo(f) to this house hold were the reports of a haunted bridal. One evening a horse wearing the bridal mysteriously had a blanket fall and cover the horse’s head. This caused the horse to become frightened and he ran from the stables. Without being able to see where he was running, the horse accidentally impaled himself on a tree branch that was hanging over a fence surrounding the field. No other horses will wear the bridal and often become frightened when approached with the bridal in hand.

Reports of a lantern light throughout the horse field and down a pathway to the back of the farm have been seen on many occasions. This has lead the family and friends to believe this is the lady searching for her family after the fire.

The last account brought to proo(f)’s attention was a room within the house. Many individuals when entering this room have reported an uneasy feeling that is they do not have throughout the rest of the house. As well, a figure of a man has been seen walking about the house and farm, which could be the former owner who committed suicide.

Areas of Interest

The main areas of interest were the “spooky” bedroom in the house, the horse barn and a pathway leading to the back of the farm.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

Upon arrival to the farm, a walkthrough was done on the grounds. The investigation began with Katie and McKayla conducting an EVP session in the spooky room located in the house. During that time, The remaining investigators conducted an EVP session at the bottom of the pathway. Upon completion of the two sessions, Katie and Paul returned to the pathway in order to conduct their own EVP session. Afterwards, an investigation was completed in the barn and by the tree in which the horse impaled itself on. This was meant to discover the horses feelings towards the supposed haunted bridal. Afterwards, while getting ready to return to the pathway with the guest medium, Ron, the team began an interaction with a spirit using the EMF detector. This was located closer to the home in the driveway. Brad, Katie, Paul, Ben and Ron then continued to the pathway were a channeling began with the spirit known as The Lantern Lady. A crossing over was completed for the spirit.

2) Personal Experiences

During this investigation a lot of physical and emotional happening occurred. While Katie and McKayla investigated the spooky room, there was a sense of heaviness as they entered the room. Also, while conducting their EVP session, they felt the bed move on more than one occasion.

During the first trip down the pathway, the group had numerous hits on the EMF detector. (was there a conversation being held?)

While Katie and Paul held an EVP session down the pathway, many noises were heard including what sounded like someone walking around the pair, as well as clicking sounds. Also, both experienced cold spots that coincided with each other. The EMF detector went off on many occasions and stopped when we asked it to. Both witnessed the weeds surrounding their lamp and EMF detectors moving, while other weeds mere inches away were not. Katie also on numerous occasions smelt something similar to body odour.

While conducting the investigation in the barn, it was noted that two of the horses were uneasy when approached to while holding the bridal.

During the interaction with the spirit near the house, it was noted that whenever Ron spoke of the Ojibway Native that was murdered, the EMF detector reacted.

When down the pathway with the medium Ron, the channeling of The Lantern Lady brought about much information. We were told her name was Jane and her son was Theodore (also called Teddy). Jane had returned from a walk to find her house on fire in which her son perished in. She had been searching for her husband, Peter, because she felt he needed to be punished for not protecting their son.

Upon completion of the channeling, Katie had an overwhelming sensation that she can’t fully describe. She felt as though all she could do was cry. Ron explains Jane had been hugging her, which is what had made her feel the way she did.

3) Evidence Collected

Katie and Paul reported hearing clicks while at the bottom of the pathway which were also caught on tape. The cause of the clicks is unknown.

On the night of the investigation, the weather was fairly clear and at least 27 degrees Celsius. At sporadic moments while Katie and Paul were at the bottom of the pathway, they were capable of seeing their breath.

Currently no EVP's have been found.

* There is a controversy concerning orbs in regards to their authenticity. Although many are believed to be authentic, there are still many showing up as a result of airborne particles (dust) at the time of the flash. This happens in both indoor & outdoor shots. Because of this, it makes it hard to disassociate the false positive orbs from the real ones. We at proo(f) leave the interpretation of the anomalies to you.

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