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Peterborough, ON
Date: April 28th,2012
Weather: Clear, Temperature 0°
Moon: 34.2%
Time: 11:00PM - 2:00AM
Investigators: Brad, Katie & Paul


Before the Peterborough Theatre Guild was turning out plays, it was St. Luke's Anglican Church. In 1959 a fire rampaged through the building. It remained empty until it was renovated and reopened its doors in 1966 as a theatre.

The Peterborough Theatre Guild is said to be haunted by the caretaker Cliff Chapman or better known as Chappie. Chappie had been the caretaker for the church but when it reopened as a theatre he took it upon himself to continue his duties for the theatre. When Chappie passed away, people began seeing him throughout the theatre and one stage manager even had a conversation with him.

It is also rumored that the Peterborough Theatre Guild is haunted by a menacing spirit. Many people have reported a feeling of dread while in the theatre. Some even refuse to enter certain areas of the theatre when it is dark.

It is not known if anyone has died on the premises, or if the spirits are attached to anything in particular within the theatre, but many believe that the Peterborough Theatre Guild is indeed haunted.

Reported Activity

Speaking with three members of the Peterborough Theatre Guild, it became apparent that reports found through research did not match the accounts from those of the members.

Reports from members included cold spots as well as the feeling of being watched. It was also mentioned that the feelings throughout the theatre were not of dread, but of a happy feelings. There were also reports of a chair that moved in the theatre that was dedicated to Chappie.

Also mentioned was the conversation between Chappie and the stage manager which was also discovered through research.

Members of the theatre speculate that along with Chappie residing in the building, another man by the name of Bud is also thought to be there. Bud was a member of the theatre and recently passed away.

Areas of Interest

The main areas of interest that proo(f) planned to investigate were the workshop, the stairs leading to the theatre that has a stained glass memorial for Bud, and the theatre. Specifically in the theatre were the stage and a seat dedicated to Chappie.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

Brad and Paul began setup of the cameras. Cameras were directed towards the stage and Chappie's chair in the theatre, the stairwell with Bud's stained glass windows, and a set of stairs in the actors dressing room. Katie did an EMF and temperature sweep throughout the building while taking still pictures.

Separate EVP sessions were conducted throughout the night. Katie did a session in the workshop, Paul conducted a session on the stairs leading to the theatre, all while Brad did a sweep taking full spectrum pictures. Throughout the night Katie and Paul switched areas, and they finished the night with an EVP sessions conducted by Paul, Katie and Brad in the theatre and at the top of the stairs.

2) Personal Experiences

Paul was the only member to have any experiences in the theatre. He reported uneasiness and the feeling of being watched and followed. Brad encountered some K2 anomolies near the stained glass memorial.

3) Evidence Collected

Many photos were taken that contained orb`s* and a few containing a possibe figure which covered the corner of our monitor.
PHOTO-01 - Orb-01 | Orb-01-Enhanced
PHOTO-02 - Orb-02 | Orb-02-Enhanced
PHOTO-03 - Orb-03 | Orb-03-Enhanced
PHOTO-04 - Orb-04 | Orb-04-Enhanced

PHOTO-05 - Light Anomoly-01 | Light Anomoly-01-Enhanced
PHOTO-06 - Light Anomoly-02 | Light Anomoly-02-Enhanced

PHOTO-07 - Shadow Figure? | Shadow Figure?-Enhanced
* The team has since debunked the shadow figure photo

One EVP was collected.
EVP01 - No

* There is a controversy concerning orbs in regards to their authenticity. Although many are believed to be authentic, there are still many showing up as a result of airborne particles (dust) at the time of the flash. This happens in both indoor & outdoor shots. Because of this, it makes it hard to disassociate the false positive orbs from the real ones. We at proo(f) leave the interpretation of the anomalies to you.

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