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Toronto, ON

Date: March 15th,2012
Weather: N/A
Moon: 52.6%
Time: Daytime
Investigators: Brad


On March 5th, a resident at the undisclosed retirement home in Toronto passed away. While deaths are not uncommon in the retirement home business, this passing happened very quickly. Just a month earlier this resident was in good health. About 2 weeks before her passing she was admitted to hospital. At the time, it was unclear what was wrong with her, but it was thought to be nothing serious. She had originally been misdiagnosed with gout, and 2 weeks later she died on March 5th with an infection in hospital.

Reported Activity

In the days leading up to her death and up until as recently as the investigation, there have been some strange phenomena reported.

One of the workers at the retirement home reported that the night before the resident's death, she had a haunting dream where someone whispered the resident's name in her ear. The next morning when she came to work she was told that the resident had passed.

On one occasion, the head nurse saw the resident as a full apparition pass in the hallway of the treatment rooms. As well, a volunteer has also seen the residents apparition with a smile on her face.

On the morning of the resident's death, the head nurse came in to her office which she was locked and she only has access to, to find her computer on and the words HELLO on her screen.

On the day of the resident's death, the alarm system was going off throughout the entire building and no one could find the source. When the technician came in he was baffled.

Areas of Interest

The main area of interest that proo(f) planned to investigate was the nursing floor where the resident has been seen by employees.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

Brad began the investigation with an initial EMF sweep of the nursing floor which indicated fairly normal levels. Unlike nursing floors in hospitals, there are very little pieces of equipment so the EMF levels are quite low in the current locations investigated. An EVP session was conducted where the resident's apparition had been seen. Brad concluded his investigation with a temperature sweep with no reported hot or cold spots.

2) Personal Experiences

One experience had by Brad occurred while he was waiting for the elevator. When the doors opened, a curtain used to protect the elevator while moving residents in and out fell off the wall. These curtains are secured with hooks and have not been removed for two years. The only way to remove the curtain is with the use of a ladder.

3) Evidence Collected

Two out of the normal EMF spikes were found. For a period of 10 seconds around waist height, EMF hits between 10 and 20 millagaus (mG) were found. Brad was unable to replicate the EMF spikes and there seemed to be no natural causes.

No EVP's were captured.

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