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Former Military Base/Mental Hospital
Picton, ON
Date: September 22nd,2012
Weather: Clear, Temperature 5°
Moon: 38.9%
Time: 6:00PM - 2:00AM
Investigators: Brad, Katie, Paul, & Ben (Videographer)
Guest Investigator: Ron from Lostfear's Services


Due to the facility wanting privacy, all we can divulge is this property was originally used for a military training site, after which it was transformed into a mental rehabilitation facility and is now currently being used for recreation.

Reported Activity

Apparitions have been reported of former patients and military officers. Disembodied footsteps and phantom voices are reported in the abandoned buildings.

Other activity: light anomalies including being seen in a large number of photos, mysterious mists and the feeling of being watched.

Areas of Interest

The main areas of interest were the two main buildings that were used as medical facilities, hygiene facilities, common kitchen areas, offices and dormitories.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

Upon arrival to the location, two walkthroughs were performed both in daylight, to inform the team of the location, as well as in dark, to get baseline readings and to determine areas of interest. Following our walkthroughs, three areas were brought to the attention of our group. Katie, Paul and Ben proceeded to a particular dormitory room that had gained a lot of acknowledgment in the walkthrough. EVP sessions were conducted with the young spirit child and details pertaining to his existence were acquired. Following this session, the entire team investigated an area that included a hygiene facility and a kitchen. Previously, we had an encounter with a possible orderly who worked for the facility when it was for mental rehabilitation institute. An EVP session was conducted to divulge into the spirits purpose while still alive as well why he had stayed after death. Following this session, the group returned to the cafeteria where uneasy feelings were had by the entire group on the walk through. An EVP session was held in one of the back rooms of the kitchen where we attempted to converse with a spirit who had previously worked at the location. The time at which he or she worked for this facility is undetermined. To complete the investigation, a trigger object was used to try and contact the orderly spirit once again. Brad was placed in the hallway between the hygiene facility and the kitchen in our trigger object, a straight jacket, in order to entice the orderly to communicate. It is believed that the orderly liked to taunt patients at the rehabilitation center who could not defend themselves.

2) Personal Experiences

On many occasions throughout both buildings of interest, EMF detectors went off and seemed as though we were able to converse with spirits through them

Our spirit box at one point turned on by itself and was heard by Paul and Brad to have said "shut up".

When trying to converse with the spirit of the orderly, Katie and Paul both felt the presence and Katie became overwhelmed.

When communicating with the spirit in the kitchen, we attempted to communicate by performing a job he or she may have completed, but improperly. It was apparent that the spirit was quite upset as whenever we completed his job improperly, our EMF detector would respond, but when we cleaned up and did the job right, our EMF detector didn't move.

During our multiple sessions that we communicated with the spirit of the young child in his room, Paul experienced emotions that were incredibly unbearable. On one occasion, Paul had to leave the EVP session as he could feel a tie between himself and the spirit. He asked multiple times for the spirit to leave, but the child refused. At one point, Paul began to answer for the spirit. It became apparent that the child had no idea that he had died. He was waiting for his parents to come back and get him and had utter sadness waiting for them. We encouraged him to go see his grandmother, who had also passed on, but the child responded that he couldn't because she was dead.

3) Evidence Collected

A few EVP's were collected while at this facility including:

EVP01 - Moan | EVP01 - Moan-Enhanced

EVP02 - Child Yelling | EVP02 - Child Yelling-Enhanced

* There is a controversy concerning orbs in regards to their authenticity. Although many are believed to be authentic, there are still many showing up as a result of airborne particles (dust) at the time of the flash. This happens in both indoor & outdoor shots. Because of this, it makes it hard to disassociate the false positive orbs from the real ones. We at proo(f) leave the interpretation of the anomalies to you.

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