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Pharmasave - Local Historic Landmark / Business
Huntsville, ON
Date: July 12th,2014
Time: 9:00PM - 2:00AM
Investigators: Brad, Ben and Shane


In 1941, this location was first built as an Eatons store by the Eatons family. In the mid 1990's, the Eaton family moved and sold the location and in 1997 is became the Pharmasave.

Reported Activity

Very early on for the current owners, they began to experience odd events that they later began to say was Mrs. Eaton. On numerous occasions the owner has felt as though someone has been watching him. Items have been found out of place, and far enough that it wasn't just an accident. One evening when contractors were working, a whole shelf of product was knocked onto the floor. On another occasion, after the owner switched the elevator off for the night, it opened up when he walked away.

Areas of Interest

The main areas of interest were the basement and main floor store front

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

After a walkthrough and baseline readings were taken, Everyone proceeded to the basement for a group EVP session. While asking questions, Brad began to get odd spikes on the K2 meter. The group then proceeded into another area of the basement where the original coal burning furnace was. During the EVP session, Brad began to feel drawn to the upstairs main floor. While the group investigated upstairs and monitored the DVR system, Ben conducted a solo EVP session in the basement, followed by Shane, the owner, and then Brad. To complete the night, the team created a Ouija board and attempted to make contact with any spirit residing within the building.

2) Personal Experiences

During the preliminary meeting and set up, a door bell on the counter was thrown to the floor.

In the middle of the investigation, a bag fell off the shelf just out of cameras view. The team tried to debunk it by setting the bag back up to see if it fell again. The bag fell again and in the same manner as before, but it is unclear how it fell and landed the way it did. A photo from the beginning of the night shows the bag sitting securely on the shelf.

3) Evidence Collected

After the team left the location, papers were strewn across the floor, magazines were taken out of the rack and a stuffed animal was moved an aisle over from where it was kept. This was all found the morning after by the owner.

PHOTO-01 - Fallen Magazines

PHOTO-02 - Paper

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