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OSHAWA MUSEUM - Local Landmark - Public Event
Oshawa, ON
Date: September 24th,2016
Weather: Clear, Temperature 2°
Time: 7:00PM - 1:00AM
Investigators: Paul, Ben and Shane


Four buildings are located at the Oshawa Museum, The Guy House, Henry House, Robinson House and the Dive Shed. The two main buildings are primarily where paranormal activity is reported.

The Henry house was home to Thomas Henry and his wife Lorenza. They moved into the house in 1850. Henry was one of the first Christian Ministers and was also a farmer. Henry reportedly died in the house in 1879 and his funeral was also conducted there as well. Lorenza died at their daughters house. The house stayed in the family until 1920 when Samuel and George McLaughlin purchased the property and then sold it to the town for one dollar.

The Robinson house was built in the early 1850's by John Robinson. Not much is known of the history of this building, except it is reported that someone died in the front room of the house.

Reported Activity

In the Henry House, Thomas Henry's original chair sits in the study. Here they have seen his apparition sitting in the chair. This room also tends to make people feel uneasy and a few have even refused to enter the room. In the parlor, a hair wreath is hanging on the wall. Once, someone asked if the wreath had ever fallen, and immediately following, it fell. Upstairs in what used to be the Henry children rooms, an apparition has been seen of a little girl dressed in a tartan dress. When a medium toured the rooms upstairs, she reportedly smelt baby vomit and heard a child's voice. Cold spots on the upper floor is also very common.

In the Robinson House, it has been reported that lights have been turned on when no one is in the building.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

When the team arrived on location, a detailed walkthrough was given by the museum coordinator that included paranormal accounts as well as the history of the buildings. While this was being done, baseline readings were being taken. After completion, the team set up the DVR system focusing on the Henry House.

AFter guests were given a how to ghost hunt tutorial by the PROO(f) team, groups were taken to the differnt locations and EVP sessions were then conducted in the upstairs bedroom, Thomas Henry's study, back bedroom in the Henry house. As well, EVP sessions were conducted in the Robinson House focusing on the front room and the 2nd floor.

2) Personal Experiences

During the investigation of the Native Indian exhibit in The Robinson House both Paul and a Museum staff member starting feeling nauseous and complained of headaches. While in the Henry House footsteps from the second floor were repeatedly heard while no one was up there.

3) Evidence Collected

No evidence was collected.

* There is a controversy concerning orbs in regards to their authenticity. Although many are believed to be authentic, there are still many showing up as a result of airborne particles (dust) at the time of the flash. This happens in both indoor & outdoor shots. Because of this, it makes it hard to disassociate the false positive orbs from the real ones. We at proo(f) leave the interpretation of the anomalies to you.

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