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OSHAWA HOME - Private Residence
Oshawa, ON
Date: February 15th,2014
Time: 9:00PM - 2:00AM
Investigators: Brad, KT, Ben, Kurt and Shane


None Available

Reported Activity

First reported activity was from the sons. It was of banging, knocks and tapping in the night. One evening a "smash" was heard, but no evidence could be found that would explain it. As well, the sons reported hearing voices in the family room, which is adjacent to the youngest sons' bedroom. This encouraged them to take pictures which resulted in what was described as "orbs" and a pair of glowing green eyes in the parents' bedroom closet.

Residents noticed an increase in activity when they were renovating their house. When fixing their deck, they were locked out of their house twice by use of the dead bolt. Other activity was heightened during the renovation process.

Other incidents include the husband feeling as though he was pinned to his bed, the squeaking sound of someone sitting on one of the sons' bed when no one was in the room, as well items being lifted by no one.

Strange smells have also been reported. In the family room, a "cotton candy" smell has been experienced numerous times, and on one occasion, a burning smell in the bathroom.

Psychics have been invited to the house. Although information about names and ages have been different, some information does remain consistent between the two groups. It was told that three spirits reside in the house, one older male, one younger male and one younger female. The older male is controlling of the other two and has a negative energy to him. He spends most of his time in the basement where one of the sons in the past slept, but the son has since moved to the main floor due to the paranormal activity caused by this spirit (creaking floors, taps on walls, moving the bed). Not much is known about the younger male spirit, except that he likes to spend his time in the younger sons room. Finally, the younger female spirit is said to watch over the step daughter when she is home on weekends. She tends to warm the daughters bed up before she goes to sleep, which has been recognized on occasion by the father in the household.

Areas of Interest

The main areas of interest that proo(f) planned to investigate were the basement bedroom, younger sons bedroom and parents bedroom.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

EVP sessions were conducted in the younger sons room, second bedroom and parents room by Ben, Kurt and Shane.

Individual EVP sessions were conducted in the basement bedroom by Brad, Ben and Kt.

A group session was conducted in the family room targeting the younger spirit and her apparent "Cotton Candy" smell that was linked to her.

2) Personal Experiences

During Kt's EVP session in the basement bedroom, there seemed to be a lot of EMF interference that had not been detected during the walk through for baseline readings. It seemed as if there was an attempt to communicate, but nothing concrete developed from this.

3) Evidence Collected

No evidence was attained. The site had a lot of noise contamination including train tracks nearby. At one point, people outside were easily heard from the living room.

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