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Former Funeral Directors Home - Local Historic Landmark / Business
Brooklin, ON
Date: January 23rd,2015
Time: 9:00PM - 2:00AM
Investigators: Brad, Katie, Paul, Ben, Rob, Shane and Bell Media


The two story home was build in 1863 and later renovated to include a one story addition. The original owner of the house only lived there for a year before moving to Missouri. The house had many owners between 1864 and 1916, and in 1916 the Robinsons purchased the property. From 1916 to 2003, the Robinson family operated a funeral home and furniture business on the property and later added an ambulance service. In 2003 the property was sold to the current owners

Reported Activity

The current owners of the house have reported being touched on the arm and leg while practicing yoga, as well as the feeling of being watched while in the basement studio. There has also been a report of a lady in the basement, and a man dressed in 1920's attire on the main floor of the house.

Areas of Interest

The main areas of interest were the upstairs studio, the basement and downstairs studio.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

Upon arrival, a quick tour and overview of paranormal activity was conducted for Rob and Shane. During the DVR set up, Kt performed the initial baseline readings. Rob and Paul began their EVP session in the upstairs studio, while Katie performed a solo EVP session in the downstairs studio. After which Solo EVP sessions were conducted by Shane in the basement, Paul in the downstairs studio and basement where the spirit of the lady had been seen, and Kt in the basement. EVP sessions were also conducted by Rob and Shane in the upstairs studio. To finish the evening, Kt and Paul tried to communicate with the spirit of the lady in the basement.

2) Personal Experiences

When Kt was conducting her solo EVP session in the basement, she felt an overwhelming emotional sensation.

At the bottom of the basement stairs, both Rob and Paul felt something, as well Kt suddenly felt anger without an explanation.

Paul felt a brush against his hair during an EVP session.

Shane discovered a scratch on his neck when he arrived home.

3) Evidence Collected

Many light anomalies were witnessed on video / Continued video review is in process.

PHOTO-01 - Scratch

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