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CAMERON FARM - Private Residence
Cameron, ON

Date: November 5th,2011
Weather: Clear, Temperature 0°
Moon: 70.6%
Time: 9:00PM - 12:00AM
Investigators: Brad, Katie, Paul & Michelle


On May 11 of 2000, 17 year old Michelle Robichaud of Oshawa, Ontario was murdered at the Cameron farm by the resident at that time, John Robertson. Ms. Robichaud was deemed missing until June 2002 when police discovered her remains in the loft of a barn on the property during a separate murder investigation. Mr Robertson was at the time under investigation for the murder of Kent Knights, who in 2001, was murdered at the Cameron farm and had his body later buried at a property in Haliburton County that Mr. Robertson owned.

During the Robichaud investigation, it was found that Mr. Robertson drove Ms. Robichaud to the farm where he murdered her with two severe blows to the head with a heavy instrument, then hid her body under hay in the loft. Mr. Robertson got rid of his clothes at a neighbour's house and had a second neighbour drive him to Fenelon Falls to establish an alibi.

While serving a life sentence for Mr. Knights' murder, Mr. Robertson was charged with first degree murder of Ms. Robichaud in 2005. He is serving both life sentences currently.

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Reported Activity

The current residents of the Cameron farm have had experiences in both the Barn, where Ms. Robichauds remains were found, as well as in the house.

In the barn, most experiences have been unintelligible voices. Most voices heard have been female voices, but sometimes a man's voice has been audible.

Many experiences have been had in house on the Cameron farm. Shadows have been seen in the front sunroom the upstairs bathroom and the main bedroom. There has been a face seen in the living room of a mid to late 30's male, with brown short hair. The residents have also had feelings of being watched while in the house and just outside the front door has been frequent. None of these experiences have been recorded as evidence by the residents.

Areas of Interest

The main area of interest that proo(f) planned to investigate was the barn. This included the loft, a back storage area and the grain silo.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

Upon arrival at the Cameron farm, Paul, Brad, Katie, Michelle and one of the residents began the investigation in the barn. EVP sessions were conducted throughout as well any EMF spikes were noted and pictures were taken as evidence. After a lengthy investigation in the barn, Brad, Katie, Michelle and the resident returned to the house while Paul stayed behind to conduct an EVP session alone. Katie, Michelle and a resident of the farm conducted an EVP session in one of the upstairs bedrooms where there had been reports of a shadow. Later that night, Paul, Brad, Katie and Michelle returned to the barn. EVP sessions were conducted in pairs, Paul and Brad first, followed by Katie and Michelle.

2) Personal Experiences

Throughout most of the EVP sessions conducted in the barn, it was apparent that our K2 meter responded to many of our questions directed to the spirits who occupy the Cameron farm. Also, while Paul conducted an EVP session alone, the atmosphere seemed to change from a welcoming feeling to a very unwelcoming one. Also, he noted that he heard footsteps around him that seemed to be circling him. Footsteps could be heard on the recorder and are noted under evidence. Paul also faintly heard his name being spoken.

3) Evidence Collected

Two pictures were attained where an orb* seems to be following Paul in the barn.
PHOTO-01 - Orb-01 | Orb-01-Enhanced
PHOTO-02 - Orb-02 | Orb-02-Enhanced

A few EVPs were collected.
EVP01 - Whisper
EVP02 - Footsteps

* There is a controversy concerning orbs in regards to their authenticity. Although many are believed to be authentic, there are still many showing up as a result of airborne particles (dust) at the time of the flash. This happens in both indoor & outdoor shots. Because of this, it makes it hard to disassociate the false positive orbs from the real ones. We at proo(f) leave the interpretation of the anomalies to you.

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