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HERITAGE HOME - Private Residence
Brooklin, ON

Date: December 3rd,2011
Weather: Clear, Temperature 0°
Moon: 53.8%
Time: 8:00PM - 12:00AM
Investigators: Brad, Katie & Paul

Reported Activity

The owners of the Brooklin private residence have reported smelling a sweet smell as well as an odd burning plastic smell. As well, it has been reported that in their child's room they have heard sniffing sounds. Also, in the exercise studio, the owners have heard the sound of an exercise weight fall to the floor. It has also been reported that in the exercise room a weight has been moved as well as an exercise mat.

The residents have also reported having nightmares on many occasions. Uneasy feelings as well as nightmares have been reported about the backyard. The residents have also tried smudging the house and have reported having very uneasy feelings while doing so.

Areas of Interest

The main areas of interest that proo(f) planned to investigate were the exercise studio, basement, child's bedroom and backyard.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

Upon arrival to the Brooklin residence, Brad, Paul and Katie did the initial set up of equipment. Infrared cameras were set up in the exercise studio, child's bedroom and kitchen. Katie, Paul and the owner of the residence began an EVP session in the child's bedroom, while Brad did an EVP session in the exercise studio. Brad returned to home base to monitor any activity seen on the infrared cameras while Katie and Paul conducted an EVP session in exercise studio. Brad and Paul then continued the investigation in the backyard. To finish the investigation, Paul conducted an EVP session in the basement while Katie conducted one in the child's bedroom.

2) Personal Experiences

During the initial interview (at an earlier date), both Brad and Paul felt uneasy in the child's bedroom and felt as though they were unwanted. Paul reports to having a cold sensation, as well as the hair on his arm stand up and an increased heart rate. Paul felt the same spirit energy did not want them in the basement. Also reported is a feeling of trepidation when Paul was in the backyard.

During the investigation, both Katie, Paul and the owner heard a growl while conducting an EVP session in the child's bedroom. The origin of the growl could not be determined, and the group cannot all agree that the growl was paranormal in nature.

3) Evidence Collected

This orb* was caught in the parents bedroom, it was taken moments after hearing the growl.
PHOTO-01 - Orb-01

A few EVPs were collected.
An EVP was collected while Paul conducted an EVP session in the closet of the child's bedroom. A distinct "hi" can be heard.
EVP01 - Hi

A growling noise was caught on our digital recorders. The first is from the initial visit and the second from the return visit for the investigation. The first growl is heard in the kitchen, while the second is heard from outside the child's bedroom.
EVP02 - Growl 01
EVP03 - Growl 02

An EVP of a sniffing or smelling sound was caught in the child's bedroom. This was caught by a digital recorder that was left in the room.
EVP04 - Sniffing

* There is a controversy concerning orbs in regards to their authenticity. Although many are believed to be authentic, there are still many showing up as a result of airborne particles (dust) at the time of the flash. This happens in both indoor & outdoor shots. Because of this, it makes it hard to disassociate the false positive orbs from the real ones. We at proo(f) leave the interpretation of the anomalies to you.

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