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OLDE ANGEL INN - Local Historic Landmark / Business
Niagara on the Lake, ON
Date: February 23rd,2015
Time: 9:00PM - 2:00AM
Investigators: Brad, Katie, Ben, Rob and Shane


The original building constructed on this site was The Harmonious Coach House in 1789. The Coach House played host to politicians and military personnel especially during the War of 1812 where the American and Canadian forces battled nearby.

In 1813, most of the town was burned down, including the Coach House. Not much of the building was left except for the foundation and a few wooden beams. In 1815, a man by the name of John Ross rebuilt the building on top of the original stone foundation and used the reclaimed beams in some of the rooms. In 1816, the building re-opened and was named Sign of the Angel Inn. Throughout the years the building has been an apothecary, library, billet for soldiers and a dental office, but in 1992 it was renamed the Olde Angel Inn and was restored to the state it is in today.

Local Legend
During the war, the British Soldier Captain Colin Swayze, was posted near by. When the British were forced to retreat, he stayed behind hoping to see the woman he fell in love with one last time. As he entered the Couch House, American soldiers saw him and followed him inside. They found Captain Swayze hiding in the basement and thrust their bayonets into his chest, killing him.

Reported Activity

People began reporting paranormal activity as early as the 1820's. Clinking of silverware and glasses can be heard in the dining room when no one is there. Sounds of laughter and heavy steps can also be heard throughout the building. The apparition of a man in a red uniform, most likely Captain Swayze, has also been reported in both the cellar and in one of the guest rooms, the Generals Quarters.

Areas of Interest

The main areas of interest were all the upstairs guest rooms. Also of interest was the basement, but there was limited access.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

Upon arrival at the location, a walkthrough was held with an employee of the Olde Angel Inn. We were taken to the basement to start. Baseline readings were taken and it was discovered that EMF was very high. Shane conducted a solo EVP session at this time. After that, we toured the guestrooms located on the upper floor. Kt took baseline readings while the others set up cameras for the night.

EVP sessions were conducted alone in all the guestrooms, while a static camera and recorder was left in the Generals Quarters.

2) Personal Experiences

Toward the end of the investigation while everyone was in the Captains Room, Kt and Rob heard footsteps in the hallway.

3) Evidence Collected

*Review in progress*

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