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AJAX HOME - Private Residence
Ajax, ON

Date: February 23rd,2013
Weather: Clear, Temperature -3°C / 26°F
Moon: 90.3%
Time: 7:00PM - 1:00AM
Investigators: Brad, Katie, Paul, Michelle & Ben (Videographer)

Reported Activity

The client has lived in this house since 2000 and has accumulated twelve years of paranormal events. The reported spirit is believed by the client to be an intelligent haunting as it responds to people in the house and changes to the house.

Psychics have been brought in in the past to do a clearing of the house, but have not been successful.

The activity reported in the house includes:
An apparition of a man throughout the house seen by many people, Items being thrown including decorations, bags and c.d.'s, A friend has been awoken in the middle of the night to a sensation of someone sucking her foot, Bed being shaken, Water being turned on, Knocking on the walls, Objects being moved throughout the house, Dishes being rattled, Flashing lights/orbs seen in the basement, Doors being locked, Lights being turned on and off, Grabbing and touching and a voice calling "mommy".

Areas of Interest

The areas of interest were the basement, upstairs bedrooms and kitchen. Our home base was set up outside of the kitchen in order to monitor any activity.

Investigation Report

1) Introduction

Our DVR system was set up and cameras were placed in the kitchen, basement and in the mother and youngest daughters room. EVP sessions were conducted in the basement and bedrooms. It was known that the spirit preferred women, so Katie and Michelle conducted EVP sessions alone in the basement and daughter's room. As well, Katie and the home owner conducted and EVP session her room. Particularly during EVP sessions including Katie, there were many EMF spikes on the K2 meters, but we were unable to maintain a conversation using these devices.

2) Personal Experiences

Initially, Paul and Katie both felt a tenseness and anxiety when first entering the residence, but as the night continued on, these feelings resided.

3) Evidence Collected


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