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- The PROO(f) Is In Our Promise -

The PROO(f) team is dedicated to objective paranormal research. We primarily use scientific methods as much as possible, however, we are not opposed to experimental theories and practices as well. While the team does not have a psychic team member, we have consulted with psychics/mediums, and will occasionally invite them to investigations.

We carry ourselves with the utmost professionalism and respect to our client. We understand your privacy is important, and will only disclose information with your written permission.

Any and all data collected during our investigations will be presented to you and copies of any audio, video or photographic evidence will be made available.

Our commitment to you is simple; the minute you contact us and we agree to investigate, we will always be just a phone call or email away. You will never feel alone.

- The Meaning of PROO(f) -

The name PROO(f) is an abbreviation for Paranormal Researchers of Ontario. The (f) is the unknown variable, it's the unknown part of an investigation, the fear.

(f)ear is the only variable!

To get in contact with us, you can email your questions, comments, concerns, or places of interest to: info@proofcanada.com

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