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- Frequently Asked Questions -

  • How do I contact your organization about an experience that I have had?

    To get in contact with us, you can email us at: info@proofcanada.com

  • What happens once I contact PROO(f) with my haunted location?

    Once you contact us we will carry out a preliminary interview with you either in person or over the phone. We prefer to initially meet you in person at the location as that would give us the opportunity to establish base line readings and give us an idea of where we will set up equipment once we determine an investigation date with you.

  • Do you charge for investigations?

    We do not charge for investigations. Should you wish to make a donation, all monies would be donated to the MS Society and the Humane Society.

  • Will PROO(f) come get rid of the ghosts in my location?

    While PROO(f) cannot guarantee to rid your place of the phenomena, we do have members that will attempt a cleansing should you request it.

  • Will members of PROO(f) provoke the ghosts in my location?

    We would never intentionally provoke something in your place that could cause you grief.

  • Will you keep all the information about my location private?

    We will only release information that you give your permission for. We have a release form which we ask you to sign which gives you the opportunity to how much information you are comfortable with us divulging.

  • Does PROO(f) offer any workshops or Ghost Hunting classes?

    PROO(f) does offer classes and lectures. Public lectures will always be indicated on our news page with information on how you can attend. Should you wish to book a private lecture or class, please contact us via email for details including topics and costs.

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